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Who We Serve

Growing Businesses

Scaling operations in a manageable way and continuing with business as usual is a pain point we can alleviate.


Nonprofits struggle with the balance between saving money and making sure the books are ready for the audit.

Financial Services

Broker-dealers not only have FinOp reqs, but demand a strong closing process to help you pass smoothly the audit.

Established Businesses

Businesses that have a strong foundation are poised for smart expansion, and need guidance.


Cash flow and budgeting pose unique challenges for startup organizations. Sometimes it take a DIY approach.

International Businesses

Entrepreneurs looking to expand into the U.S. face unique hurdles as they tackle a new tax and legal system.

What Our Clients Say

“SUM Innovation made us more efficient in a matter of days by coming in, quickly understanding our current systems and where we wanted to go, and saying ‘we have a better, more streamlined approach.’ Their perfect blend of expert people and powerful technology has been a real life-saver for our non-profit and makes my job so much easier.”

─ American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey

“While many firms understand accounting, SUM is a world-class wrangler of accounting tech. For us, they are sifting data involving multiple e-commerce platforms, business models, and business rules unique to every line item into actionable information – saving time and money, but more importantly, delivering a high-degree of confidence in the accuracy of our numbers. SUM Innovation is succeeding brilliantly at what many others have tried and failed at, or not even attempted. “

─ CPA Trendlines

“SUM Innovation and everyone at the company are such lifesavers.  They make sure my books are immaculate and everyone is so professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.  Now that I’m a client, I can’t imagine life or business without them.”

─ LegalShield

“SUM Innovation has been a great solution for my small business, as I feel like the partnership has offered the TLC that I need for reassurance with all. It is without reservation that I would recommend SUM as a welcomed transitional step to continuing to build a business that might not be quite ready to have an in house accountant.” 

─ Verrier Handcrafted

“The training I received was valuable; and depending on how our ongoing needs look, you can be sure that we’ll come back to you if we’re looking for more help.”

─ Lovebug Probiotics

“SUM Innovation was instrumental in developing an innovative recruiting strategy and then, implementing, monitoring and managing the process, while leading a team of recruiters to help us through a period of very rapid National growth. Leaning on Jennifer’s knowledge of recruiting, staffing industry experience, and interviewing / selection expertise, we were able to hire a very large number of great people in a very short period of time.”

─ Speed Wire

“I find that we are competing more for talent than customers. Keeping that in mind, I am so grateful to have Jennifer Scott and her team at SUM Innovation as a resource to give us that critical edge when recruiting.”

─ RSL Media

“With our headquarters in Hong Kong, our publishing company opened a New York city office with the help of SUM Innovation for all financial and accounting issues.”

─ China Elite Focus
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