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Recruiting and Talent Management

We’re in the accounting business. We apply the same level of careful screening to our candidates that we use to select our own employees. We offer proprietary testing when appropriate, and we have developed skills-based assessments that go far beyond recruiting industry standards. While we, of course, ensure skill competency, we also place high value on interviewing for core values and culture fit. Firm in our belief that greatness can only be achieved when you have the right people on your team; we help you hire and retain the people who really fit your business.

 Recruiting Services

  • Help you define market-appropriate job descriptions and compensation parameters
  • Source, screen, assess and present qualified candidates who really fit your business
  • Assist in the offer negotiation process
  • Guarantee successful placement and performance satisfaction

 Talent Management Consulting

  • Identify values and culture, and articulate your employee value proposition
  • Develop effective job ads and recommend candidate attraction and sourcing strategies
  • Provide comprehensive interview training for recruiters and hiring managers
  • Design employee onboarding, retention, recognition and rewards programs
  • Develop metric-driven performance scorecards to hold your teams accountable