Customized Solutions Transforming The Way You Do Business


What We Do

Our Purpose, Way and Impact

Our Purpose (why we exist):

At SUM Innovation, we exist to help boost the U.S. economy by enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to thrive and grow.

Our Way (how we do it):

Our people combine deep bookkeeping, accounting, recruiting and business consulting expertise with a technology-first approach to reduce administrative headaches, drive process efficiency, and unlock growth potential for our clients.

Our Impact (the effect we have):

When you get out of the back-office you can focus your time and talents on pursuing your vision, growing your businesses, and making a positive difference in our society.

Our Services

Outsourced Accounting

SUM Innovation’s outsourced accounting consultants will help relieve the burden of dealing with and managing the day to day accounting operations of your business, while helping you plan for tomorrow. We can manage your entire accounting and finance function, or assist you with specific projects. Through our bookkeeping, accounting and controller resources, each solution is crafted to meet your needs.

Recruiting and Talent Management

Sometimes outsourced accounting isn’t the right choice. You may want to hire internally, but finding the right person to join your team can feel overwhelming. With recruiting expertise across many industries, we will verify that your new hire’s skills and values fit your business. Would you like some assistance once you have hired your team? Let us know! We’re happy to help with all of your talent management and employee retention needs.

Accounting Technology & Training

When you’re ready to improve your data flow, automate your accounting process, and reduce data entry and human error, you can rely on us. SUM Innovation is a leader in cloud accounting technology. We look at everywhere operations impacts accounting to recommend the appropriate general ledger system that gives you real-time access to your financials. We also suggest leading-edge third party apps to get you as close to zero data entry as possible.

CFO Services

When you’re at the tipping point, our CFO Services team will help translate your business strategy and financials into actionable metrics that support your growth. Our expert advisors will help you understand the drivers behind your financial performance. Whether it’s a deep dive into your financial statements to attract investors, or establishing cash flow projections for specific growth plans, we’re here to help you understand the story your numbers are telling you.

We look at where you are today - so we can plan for what your business needs tomorrow -
to bridge the gap between the people, processes, and products that comprise your financial ecosystem.