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The Story Behind SUMtech

Like many ideas, the concept for SUMtech arose when I realized there was a blank space that needed to be filled here in New York City.sumtechbanner

I know the benefits of attending an inspiring, high-quality conference for accountants, but I don’t necessarily have the time or money to fly all over the country to attend one.

My first virtual accounting conference — Ultimate Accounting vCon, produced by industry leaders Michelle Long and Sandi Smith Leyva — opened my eyes to the value of sharing great information. I realized that it went beyond just myself and other accountants; this type of information needs to make its way to clients because entrepreneurs need to hear from numbers people, too. It would help them make the best possible decisions by leveraging the best practices available.

I started searching for a great event like this in New York, but I found that all of the existing options were lacking.

More Than Mere Swag

The conferences I’d seen in New York left me unfulfilled. The New York Accounting Technology Show & Conference didn’t inspire me, engage my mindset, or present an opportunity for the next generation of accounting professionals to thrive.

I discovered that the majority of attendees were only there to maintain their CPE credits and grab some swag. Simply put, that wasn’t going to do it for me.

A good accounting conference should exist for one reason: to enable accountants and entrepreneurs to get the inspiration and information they need to help their clients. While there are some great conferences out there, small businesses like mine can’t always afford to send the whole team out of state.

Besides, New York is a world-renowned creative and intellectual hub — why should we have to leave it to get the information and motivation we need?

With this in mind, SUMtech was born.

A Space for Learning

SUMtech is a space that helps accountants and fast-growth entrepreneurs who want to harness the latest tools and techniques to hit the ground running and achieve rapid growth. It’s an opportunity to gain new insights, build relationships with leaders, vendors, and other colleagues, and tap into an interdisciplinary conversation that would otherwise be unavailable — all while staying close to home in New York.

And since we first launched SUMtech, we’ve only gotten better at achieving these goals.

Moving Beyond Accounting

Lately, we’ve been pulling back from the emphasis on accounting. In fact, we’re flipping the whole idea on its head by coining the term “(un)accounting” — we’ve come to realize that great accounting isn’t the end goal for attendees.

Attendees want the best accounting they can possibly have, but it’s viewed as a way to demonstrate progress. It’s the lens through which people can view their success, but accounting alone is not their vision.

So we’ve opened things up a bit by allowing people to share and collaborate on a wider range of ideas. They might be accountants, but they come to SUMtech to think about the bigger picture. We’ve also expanded by adding three webinars that lead up to the main event, which is then followed by a number of workshops.

Between making a more in-depth program by adding these new components and widening the focus to offer a more well-rounded experience, the upcoming SUMtech will provide an even better opportunity for attendees to walk away with a broader perspective and clearer sense of how to grow a business.

The bottom line is that SUMtech is a chance for accountants to bring their knowledge and capabilities up to the next level and to accomplish it all in NYC.

If these seem like goals that you can get behind, RSVP to join in on the fun!

Dancer-turned-accountant Mathew Heggem is CEO of SUM Innovation, a company that assesses, designs, implements, and manages accounting solutions for fast-growth startups, international businesses, established and growing businesses, and nonprofits across the U.S. Mathew is also the founder of the #SUMTech Summit and the #AccTech Cooperative meetup group in New York City, which explores the intersection between accounting, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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