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The Story Behind SUMtech

Like many ideas, the concept for SUMtech arose when I realized there was a blank space that needed to be filled here in New York City. I know the benefits of attending an inspiring, high-quality conference for accountants, but I don’t necessarily have the time or money to fly all over the country to attend […]

How The Sleeter Group Helps Us Help You!

There are a lot of professional organizations out there, so it’s really easy for a business to blow its budget on membership fees. At SUM Innovation, when we consider joining these groups, I ask myself one question: Will this help our customers? If the answer is “not necessarily,” I skip it. After all, there are […]

Do Women Business Owners Think Too Small?

Self-analysis is the pinnacle of personal growth. And before I begin this post, I must admit that at times, I’m guilty of thinking and approaching business growth in a small manner. In my 17 years of business advising, I have recognized small thinking among some women entrepreneurs. I have counseled both in my own practice […]

Grow Your Business Like My Dentist

What if you only accepted new customers that were referred to you by current customers? Would your leads dry up? If so, your problem is not marketing, it’s your service. FIX IT! The lesson here is that if you are not getting referrals from customers, your service likely isn’t great. If this is the case, […]

5 Steps to Take Before Opening Your Small Business

Our Process Assess   Design    Implement    Manage As an accounting management and consulting firm, we rely on our internal expertise to assess, design, implement and manage accounting solutions for startups and established growing businesses alike. We have diverse industry experience across our accounting and recruiting services teams, and even have specialists who focus on […]