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Measuring Event Success: Forget About the Numbers (for a Moment)

Hosting a great conference takes dedication and persistence. Unfortunately, counting your thank-you cards doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to determining how well the conference went. While there are plenty of quantitative measures to evaluate your conference’s success, it takes deeper thinking to gain valuable information from more abstract measurements such as how people […]

6 Key Business Goals Thought Leadership Can Achieve

When you think of SEO and Google, Matt Cutts probably comes to mind. And when researching the future of Internet marketing, you’d likely read a post on Jeff Bullas’ blog. Despite the overwhelming success and instant recognition of many prominent thought leaders, misconceptions about this buzzworthy term still hold many back from realizing its potential. […]

Avalara Recognizes SUM Innovation As a Top-Performing Partner for 2014

SUM Innovation continues to set itself apart by developing creative accounting solutions for its clients. This week, Avalara, Inc. named SUM Innovation its 2014 Top Accounting & Consulting Partner of the Year. The award recognizes companies that help clients benefit from cloud-based tax compliance software — just one of the many ways that SUM Innovation […]

The Story Behind SUMtech

Like many ideas, the concept for SUMtech arose when I realized there was a blank space that needed to be filled here in New York City. I know the benefits of attending an inspiring, high-quality conference for accountants, but I don’t necessarily have the time or money to fly all over the country to attend […]

Business Altruists Drive the Economic Recovery

Despite all the news about how the government and large corporations plan to boost the economy, they will not be primarily responsible for the economic recovery. Rather, it will be the efforts of small business owners and entrepreneurs that will drive the recovery. These business owners have always been — and always will be — […]

How to Sell Products and Services to the Buyer Persona

Selling has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The buyer is no longer interested in listening to long presentations on the merits of a product or service. With so many options, buyers can easily decide whether to buy from the competitor or do business with your organization. The Buyer Persona Institute defines a buyer […]

Do Women Business Owners Think Too Small?

Self-analysis is the pinnacle of personal growth. And before I begin this post, I must admit that at times, I’m guilty of thinking and approaching business growth in a small manner. In my 17 years of business advising, I have recognized small thinking among some women entrepreneurs. I have counseled both in my own practice […]

Grow Your Business Like My Dentist

What if you only accepted new customers that were referred to you by current customers? Would your leads dry up? If so, your problem is not marketing, it’s your service. FIX IT! The lesson here is that if you are not getting referrals from customers, your service likely isn’t great. If this is the case, […]