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SUM Innovation: A Talent For Talent

SUM Innovation: A Talent For Talent
SUM Innovation is pushing the edge of human potential.

At SUM Innovation, we have trained more than 500 people since 2006 using customized testing modules to assist our staffing clients.

A well-known exhibition of SUM Innovation’s talent for training talent came at the 2012 educational event of our non-profit arm DISCOVERBOOKKEEPING. Aimed at imparting practical skills to aspiring accounting professionals, we wanted to help our students achieve economic freedom – by opening doors in the employment arena as well as demonstrating how the skills they learn can be applied to their own lives. We were thrilled when the New York City Employment and Training Coalition honored us that year with their prestigious Opportunity Award.

We have since continued to author curricula that are accessible to beginners as well as courses geared towards experienced financial professionals, including CEOs and their staff.

In order to serve a diversity of clients varying in size from single location start-ups to multiple locations and international entities – and across more than 35 industries – we focus our attention on training our educators to be the best that they can be by:

  • Offering continuing education and leveraging that knowledge to gain certification and credentials through such industry-leading programs as the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification, as well as participating in educational initiatives at the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.
  • Making connections and building relationships with peers and major influencers like the National Advisor Network and the Sage Accountants Network.
  • Learning from the thought leaders we meet, such as Michelle Long and Doug Sleeter, and actively working towards building relationships with key players like Avalara and Sage.

With all of that in hand, our team members listen to our clients in order to craft personalized learning goals for each new hire. When a client signs on with us, they are also getting access to our network of industry leaders and experts.

In fact, bringing in outside professionals bolsters our own expertise, and properly ensures that no stone is left unturned in the process of exploring a subject in-depth. Professionals that supplement our own teaching might include:

  • Sales Tax Specialists
  • International Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Business Consultants
  • Industry experts that give our team a broader perspective on how to service a diversity of business clients

Lastly, we recognize the horizon. It is an illusion. There is no end to how far a company can go in pursuing its mission statement – and continued success.

Staying proactive, and having confidence in the face of the unknown, is what SUM Innovation can do for your company and its culture – and the first step in facing the unknown is education.

Do you know your unknowns?




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