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New Year, New Staff, New Initiatives: SUM Innovation Gears Up for 2016

shutterstock_183184997A new year means new beginnings, and SUM Innovation is starting 2016 with a bang. We recently acquired the talent management firm HireEffect, which allows us to supplement our current services with a new suite of offerings.

Beginning this year, we’ll provide talent management services to help our clients build and grow superior finance, accounting, operations, and administrative teams. We’re also thrilled to announce that HireEffect’s founder, Jennifer Scott, will now lead our talent acquisition and staffing strategy efforts.

We know that finding, attracting, and retaining quality people is a challenge for small businesses. That’s why we’re supporting our clients throughout the pre-hire life cycle and beyond, helping them leverage their unique company cultures and values to hire the people who really fit their businesses.

With Jennifer’s expertise, we’re bridging the knowledge gap between candidates and employers so you can focus on building a great company. SUM Innovation takes pride in the accounting solutions we provide each one of our diverse, dynamic clients. We’ll continue to be an industry leader in startup and small business accounting services — even as we expand into this exciting new area of serving mid-sized and growing businesses.

Not Your Average Recruiting Company

This venture isn’t just about creating another recruiting agency. What truly sets us apart is our vast industry knowledge and unique training and testing program.

Our process begins with an expansive sourcing strategy, meaning we don’t just rely on placing ads. Each and every candidate is prequalified based on a set of criteria. All prequalified candidates then undergo a comprehensive test and a personal interview, which combines behavioral, skills-based, situational, cultural, values, and competency questions to determine the best possible slate for each client.

To meet our clients’ needs, we’re offering both contingency and retained search options, and while our service level agreements vary by option, we’ll work closely with you to ensure we find the perfect fit for your business. Jennifer has a keen sense of what it takes to find great candidates and keep them around, which makes us grateful that she’s on our team.

SUM Kind of Wonderful

Future Our recruiting services aren’t the only big plans we have for 2016. Jennifer will establish our staffing firm in the Dallas area as a part of our expansion into North Texas, a serendipitous turn of events that came about after years of trying to work together. She and I met at a networking event a while back and hoped to collaborate, but maybe we were just destined for a more integrated relationship.

When I saw that Jennifer had moved to Texas, I invited her out for coffee so Darin Webb (my business partner) and I could pick her brain about SUM Innovation’s expansion plans. It quickly became clear that Jennifer should be more than a consultant on the Dallas move.

“I can see the headlines now,” said Jennifer.

“I think they’re still being written!” I replied.

Then, she said, “What if you just hired me?”

And that was that: Effective January 1, 2016, Jennifer became an employee of SUM Innovation.

“I think the thing that has got me really excited is the opportunity to collaborate,” said Jennifer. “These guys are brilliant, and it’s so much fun for me to be able to sit across the table and have such high-energy conversations like we did that day.”

Jennifer is adept at relationship management, and her combination of industry insights and local experience will help us replicate the success we’ve had in New York. The Dallas area is enjoying explosive development. Major businesses are moving in, the retail and dining sectors are thriving, and the quality of life is increasing exponentially.

We look forward to taking advantage of the boom and helping our team make the most of this metropolis. And we have total faith that Jennifer is the person to lead us in this new direction.

You need “boots on the ground” to develop the right relationships, she says of the expansion. “No pun intended — I have boots in Texas.”

Are you ready to ignite your growth with the right team? Are you interested in hiring a new CFO or restructuring your entire back office and accounting department? Call us today for a free consultation with Jennifer, and you can download her “Top 10 Tips for Working With a Third-Party Recruiter” below:


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