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Meet Our SUMtech15 Webinar and Live Event Speakers

As an accounting outsider, you might see the practice as dispassionate and solely numbers-driven. In fact, accountants themselves can feel that way, too. But at SUM Innovation, we aim to change this perception and infuse excitement into the world of accounting with our SUMtech15 webinar series, bringing progressive, thought-provoking shutterstock_243798976topics and speakers right to you.

From the rise of content marketing to the mounting challenges facing Internet merchants, we’ve collected winning business strategies for today’s technology-driven world.

We’ve engaged a diverse selection of business leaders and visionaries to highlight relevant trends, discuss policy, dispel business myths, and share their proven methods for creating sustainable business growth. Here are the topics and thought leaders we’ve lined up for the webinars:

1. How Content Can Transform Your Business

Content has always been king, but it’s practically a form of currency in today’s technology-driven, hyperconnected world. And no one knows more about its profit-driving and brand-building potential than Joshua Johnson, vice president of business development at Influence & Co. His firm specializes in extracting knowledge to help businesses craft authentic, valuable content. Joshua has contributed articles surrounding content marketing and thought leadership to publications such as Forbes, Content Marketing Institute, and B2B Marketing.

In any service-oriented industry, engaging your clients in meaningful dialogue, identifying challenges, and turning them into opportunities is critical to the success of your company and clients. Joshua and his team are renowned for leveraging a company’s unique insights and crafting valuable content around them to spark the right conversations. From elevating your company’s profile to infusing thought leadership into your workplace culture, this webinar will teach you how to build an online presence through content and drive profitable actions.

2. How Online Merchants Can Manage Growth and Compliance

The Internet has undeniably transformed how business is conducted. And because about one-third of state revenue is derived from sales tax, today’s Internet merchants are likely targets for auditors. In this webinar, Travis Fridrich of Avalara will cover the responsibilities and liabilities of Internet merchants when it comes to sales tax compliance and provide easy-to-implement strategies to assist them in reporting sales tax accurately while reducing audit exposure.

Avalara has also been a standing technology partner of SUMtech and SUM Innovation. Tune in to Travis’ webinar where he’ll outline the challenges and nuances of handling online growth while maintaining compliance with sales tax requirements.

3. The Art and Science of Small Business Consulting

Ed Kless develops and delivers curriculum for Sage business partners. As senior director of partner development and strategy, he leads the Sage Consulting Academy as well as the Business Strategy and Customer Experience Workshops.Ed excels at unraveling today’s top business myths — that profit implies selfish intentions, leadership is about changing others, and price alone determines the cost of services.

Respected in the accounting world, Ed will provide unique insight into the vast challenges small businesses face today. But his knowledge isn’t limited to accounting. In this webinar, he will also discuss the role of culture in the workplace and explain how leaders can set the stage for self-transformation, which are both crucial for empowering today’s workforce.

Introducing This Year’s Live Event Panelists

If you’re looking for a fresh take on stale accounting conferences, the SUMtech15 live event in New York City is the perfect opportunity for you. Here are the panelists we’re proud to announce for this year’s live event:

  • Danny Mizrahi: Danny is a unique business leader in that he truly understands the importance of structures and systems as well as people, relationships, and taking care of what matters most: family. He built Contango IT into a successful technology enterprise. Attend his workshop on the IT checklist, and you’ll walk away with valuable tips for maintaining the integrity of your IT systems and business.
  • Samantha Stephens: Samantha is so passionate about oats and her business, OatMeals, that Quaker Oats recognized her as its COO — creative oatmeal officer. Her innovative approach has revolutionized assumptions about business and oatmeal alike. Samantha is a true entrepreneurial spirit who will advise attendees on how they can turn their passion into a successful business.
  • Freda Thomas: With more than 20 years of experience counseling small business owners and entrepreneurs, Freda has improved the market position and financial profitability for countless companies. Don’t miss my workshop with Freda called “The 80/20 Rule and Quantifying Your Vision.” We’ll discuss how to articulate your goals, set SMART objectives, and use tools such as PlanGuru, BodeTree, and LivePlan to conduct smarter budgeting and forecasting.

SUMtech15 is committed to developing programming that will position the next generation of accounting professionals for success and bringing in speakers that embody that same spirit. These progressive, inspiring, and energetic leaders achieve real results for their clients and do it for the right reasons. Armed with their insights, you’ll uncover innovative ways to grow and sustain your business. At the end of the day, SUMtech15 is about bringing together real people doing meaningful work and pushing the accounting boundaries to see what the industry is truly capable of.


Dancer-turned-accountantMathew Heggemis CEO ofSUM Innovation, a company that assesses, designs, implements, and manages accounting solutions for fast-growth startups, international businesses, established and growing businesses, and nonprofits across the U.S. Mathew is also the founder of the#SUMTech Summitand the #AccTech Cooperativemeetup group in New York City, which explores the intersection between accounting, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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