Innovation Spotlight: Hubdoc

Excellent People Striving for Excellent Results

We accept nothing less than superior quality and always collaborate as a team to deliver the best work possible.
Our team aims for the highest level of professionalism in our attitude and actions, working towards excellence in all interactions with clients.

Our Values
Our History
Our Team

Darin Webb

CFO, Founder

Mathew Heggem


Jennifer Scott

VP of Talent Acquisition and Strategy

Samantha Kowalski

VP of Accounting Technology and Business Strategy

Alex Tahan

Director of Accounting & Consulting Services

Alexis McClellan

Director of Sales

Titu Agarwal

Assistant Director of Accounting and Consulting Services

Lena Konstantinova

Assistant Director of Accounting and Consulting Services

Barry Horowitz

Accounting & Consulting Manager

Daria Ivashchyshyna

Accounting Technology Specialist

Liliya Abdrakhmanova

Accounting and Consulting Associate

Helian Vejuka

Accounting and Consulting Associate

Janki Shah

Accounting and Consulting Associate

Sonia Argawal

Accounting & Consulting Associate

Bianca Cathey

Accounting Associate

Jessica Hewitt


Lisa Dickerson


Jennifer Keating

Recruiting Coordinator

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