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How The Sleeter Group Helps Us Help You!

There are a lot of professional organizations out there, so it’s really easy for a business to shutterstock_223821064blow its budget on membership fees. At SUM Innovation, when we consider joining these groups, I ask myself one question: Will this help our customers?

If the answer is “not necessarily,” I skip it. After all, there are better ways to spend money. But when I had the chance to join The Sleeter Group, it was a no-brainer. Being part of this organization helps my clients in countless ways. And this month, I am The Sleeter Group’s featured member, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share how I know our membership benefits you:

1. The Research: We Know What You Need

One of my favorite things about The Sleeter Group is its research. What SMBs Want from Their CPA, its in-depth study, provides a framework for understanding your needs.

At SUM Innovation, we use this information to bridge the gap between who we are and who we need to be to help your business grow. For example, this study helped us realize how much our clients wanted higher-level CFO and business advisory services. It’s important, for example, to budget, forecast, and create intelligent management dashboards — to turn your accounting data into information you can use — so we’ve ramped up our efforts to offer these services, partially because The Sleeter Group helped us see the need.

2. The Tests: We Have Exceptional Talent

The Sleeter Group has some great tests to help evaluate accounting candidates. We use these tests in concert with our own to verify the technical proficiencies of everyone we hire. These third-party tests and our own interviewing process help us put the best accountants on your team.

3. The Forum: We Can Solve Many Problems

Personally, my favorite offering from The Sleeter Group is its online discussion forum; it’s a virtual meeting of the minds that includes the most active, talented members. There are more than 750 members, and everyone contributes to the conversation and helps educate each other.

We recently started using this forum to post everything from technical accounting and technology questions to growth challenges for businesses similar to our own. We can then leverage the collective wisdom of the group to bring you the strongest solution for your problem.

4. The Awesome Application Awards: We Know Technology

Every year, The Sleeter Group evaluates the latest technology in the accounting field. The group looks at all the technology that could help customers do everything from managing their inventory in the cloud to connecting their accounting software using “digital plumbing.” The technology is judged on its integrity, intelligence, and, well, awesomeness.

These awards — as well as the research behind them — help firms like us keep up with the latest trends and technology that will help you with all your accounting needs.

5. The Conference: Our Network Ensures Your Success

The Sleeter Group’s Accounting Solutions Conference is where I go to spark new ideas, build relationships with vendors, and brainstorm with industry leaders to understand what our clients need right now and in the future. The conference is my opportunity to connect with great people who keep me focused on driving value to you, our customer!

In fact, the conference is so great that it served as inspiration for our upcoming SUMtech — our New York City (un)accounting conference for entrepreneurs, innovators, and number-loving business leaders! We’re also currently launching a meetup group called The #AccTech Cooperative, which is our way of continuing the conversations we start each year at The Sleeter Group’s Accounting Solutions Conference with local accounting and technology professionals in NYC.

At SUM Innovation, we care about more than just your numbers. And I’m happy to say that The Sleeter Group is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal to take your services to the next level.

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