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Do People Think Your Industry Is Dull? With A Great Culture, You Can Still Attract Top Talent

This article was originally published on SmartCEO.

In the world of accounting — or any other industry with a reputation for being, well, dull — you may hear the phrase “company culture” and assume that it doesn’t apply to you. Company culture is for the Googles and the Ubers of the world. Accountants are destined to live and work in a cultureless vacuum, right?

Not true.

Company culture isn’t a predefined set of cool things. It’s not furniture, it’s not a logo, and it’s not a guy on roller skates carrying a clipboard to take lunch orders. Culture is how things are and how things get done in your organization. It’s there, whether you acknowledge it or not. And it’s important to pay attention to it — recognizing its uniqueness, its advantages and its challenges so you can change it if you need to and maintain it if it’s working for you.

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