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Today’s CFO Is Wearing More Hats Than Ever Before

A chief financial officer’s role is constantly evolving. In the past, CFOs were often expected to deal with the intricacies of their company’s financial matters, with little to no communication between them and the other departments. But this is no longer true; the modern CFO must be accountable and approachable. He must be able to […]

The Story Behind SUMtech

Like many ideas, the concept for SUMtech arose when I realized there was a blank space that needed to be filled here in New York City. I know the benefits of attending an inspiring, high-quality conference for accountants, but I don’t necessarily have the time or money to fly all over the country to attend […]

Grow Your Business Like My Dentist

What if you only accepted new customers that were referred to you by current customers? Would your leads dry up? If so, your problem is not marketing, it’s your service. FIX IT! The lesson here is that if you are not getting referrals from customers, your service likely isn’t great. If this is the case, […]

20 Insane Stats About Content Marketing

A big piece of growing your business is leveraging content to build relationships with your customers online. To help you get the green light to start your content strategy, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting and impressive statistics about content. 95% of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing (Content Marketing Institute). 86% of B2C […]

IdeaMensch: Interview With Mathew Heggem

When Mathew Heggem traded his dancing shoes for accounting ledgers, he didn’t leave his art behind. As the CEO of SUM Innovation, Heggem is using the creativity he developed as a dance major to shake up the traditional accounting world. From reducing data entry to creating custom accounting solutions for his clients, he’s constantly looking […]